BOSSA – Building Occupants Survey System Australia


BOSSA Time Lapse is a web-based survey tool to assess occupants’ satisfaction with the IEQ performance of their office building. BOSSA Time Lapse has been developed with an integrated, flexible branching structure. The survey should take less than ten minutes to be completed by building occupants.

​The BOSSA Time-Lapse questionnaire is the ideal survey for post-occupancy evaluations for NABERS Indoor Environment and Green Star-Performance ratings purposes.

Core questionnaire items ask building occupants to rate their overall satisfaction on key IEQ dimensions, including: 

  • Indoor Air Quality and Air movement 
  • Spatial comfort
  • Noise distraction and Privacy
  • Connection to Outdoor Environment
  • Building Image and Maintenance
  • Individual Space
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Visual Comfort
  • Health and Productivity

Would you like to know more about the questionnaire? Please try the BOSSA Time-Lapse.

To read more about BOSSA click here.


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