GVA Franklin Shanks Rebrand as Franklin Shanks

Franklin Shanks 2

GVA Franklin Shanks, the independent commercial real estate advisory firm, has ended their partnership with international property giant GVA Bilfinger to better reflect their client’s needs and their own growth ambitions.  The company is now branded as Franklin Shanks.

Both Mike Franklin and James Shanks represent a wide range of clients in the Australian office market, with a strategic edge towards the large global tech companies including, but not limited to:


-  Twitter

-  Dropbox

-  Menulog

-  Uber

-  Campaign Monitor

-  Avaya

-  Ozforex


Franklin Shanks want Sydney to flourish as a tech hub and they believe that they will be a big part of placing more local and global innovators and disruptors into real estate in Sydney.

Their new website’s function is to explain the role of Franklin Shanks as tenant advisors, their services provided and to demonstrate their enhanced focus on local and global technology based companies. “Our distinctive new look reflects the energy and passion of the firm, it is not overtly corporate which suits the industries we serve” explains Franklin Shanks’, Managing Director James Shanks.

Franklin Shank’s defining feature is their transparent independence, “independent real estate advice is a rarity, everyone else has their finger in so many pots it is hard to know if they have the client’s best interest at heart. I am so proud to say Franklin Shanks only represent tenants and buyers, we aren’t trying our hand at fit-out, construction or leasing buildings, we are occupier advisors, all day every day” says Shanks.

Calling for an industry overhaul, Shanks said the time was right for Franklin Shanks to simplify and hopes others will follow suit.  “Corporate tenants are increasingly seeking flexibility in their workplaces, especially tech firms whose five-year projection for head count is almost impossible. We all need to think ahead, be creative and negotiate agile deals with landlords to achieve our clients’ goals.  The industry needs to change and Franklin Shanks are more than happy to stay ahead of the pack”.


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